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Anything's Impossible

by Loud Sleepers

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I’m a long damn way from the northwest In a place I don’t belong I left chasing what was right Turns out I was wrong It’s getting harder to admit I might not ever make it home I hope you’ll take these songs I wrote As proof I have grown Will you even hear them? You are my reason to come back home
Few and far between Is always further than it seems They say it like they mean it but They don’t know what it means We told them that we too believe In many things that can’t be seen But that never sat well with them So we agreed to disagree Often times ignoring signs When they’ve fallen behind the times How could they keep up When nobody does? Searching for peace of mind But can’t mind the peace enshrined They knew the path they must take Were terrified of what they’d find We told them that we too were scared Of Jacob’s Ladder we all climb It offered them a little peace Knowing we’d be right behind Time goes on and on and I can’t shake it The more I grow The more I show I know I’ll end up like you How can we keep up When nobody does?
I’ll leave these thoughts between Me and the mountain, the forest, and I Cuz the meadows spread rumors And the river’s telling lies They led me here They led me here to die Do we relive our whole lives when we die? Cuz I’ve been reliving mine every single night I heard your voice but you couldn’t hear mine It’s like we’re existing in a different space in time May this mountain bring me peace Under this old growth where I’ll die May my body be devoured By animals and fungi Yelling out to heaven but Expecting no reply
It wasn’t just a long day It was a long hard winter and I’m not sure if it’s ever gonna end And I wasn’t just breaking down I was disconnecting I was fading in and out again And I’m not sure it’s ever gonna end. So if it means it only seems real for just a little bit Then it’s worth bloody noses, headaches, and tremor fits I can’t keep this up forever I can’t keep this up much more It wasn’t just a long year It was a goddamn lifetime Of ignoring every warning sign No one should ever fuck with time I’ve seen this neighborhood In the not too distant future and It was overran with trees and moss And there was nobody around So if it means it only seems real for just a little bit Then it’s worth bloody noses, headaches, and tremor fits I can’t keep this up forever I can’t keep this up much more This psychedelic shimmer of the cold Is all I can see Reminds me of your dying season It should have been me
Suspending consciousness Wandering time and space Wondering how many times It is gonna take To bring you back to me Cuz every time it starts the same But there is always a change How many times to get it right To save that love of mine? Now I’m always trying to fix something Spent a long time trying to play god Could’ve learned a thing or two about patience How to cope and move on And all those years I was haunted by my past How long has it been? I’m moments from collapse Now here I am not when I am Trying to hang myself in the attic Just to see if I had the balls And the heart not to panic As I began to lose my nerve I slipped Felt the noose pull tight before it ripped And I crashed down onto the floor Goddamnit there I was standing right above With a knife in my hand A revision to my master plan I don’t think I’ll ever get it right
If you burn all your bridges You may as well burn your home You can’t shut everyone out and still Wonder why you’re all alone Ignoring all the good things in your life To play victim to the demons in your mind Let go If you make your mind a prison It doesn’t matter if you leave your home Sometimes you think you shook it off and then You feel it deep in your bones Wrote a letter to yourself in the winter time To open in the summer once you had the time To let go Cuz we’ve all got a ghost story if We’re all haunted by the past
August 03:00
I’m counting sheep they’re endless While tossing in this summer heat Insomniatic introspection Lying naked, sweaty sheets I don’t yet see the correlation But I felt the deja vu I’ve experienced this all before It’s different with you You know me inside out You know what makes me tick I’m scared to death of what it means More scared it’s worth the risk Drunk, stoned, and dripping sweat Reposado laced regrets I’m wandering the neighborhood Echoing these old laments I don’t think that I could ever sleep again But at least I’ll close my eyes I taught myself to count to high I’ll count until I die I wish that I could control the weather It wouldn’t be so fucking hot anymore I wish that I could control my racing mind Then maybe I could sleep forever Instead of counting sheep Still counting sheep
Cozy Glow 03:20
Cozy glow, why can’t this rain be snow?
At least we could get up and go Instead of being stuck at home Walk around and look at Christmas trees Through windows on our empty snowy street Instead this rain never seems to end We’re stuck inside for what feels like weeks Gloomy June, summer always comes too soon Then waits to kick in until July By then this whole states on fire Stay inside waiting for smoke to expire By then it’s fall Patience shows, let the season set the tone And let your love grow Don’t let it go Now as we lay here in the snow All alone we can feel the most at home The cozy glow And all I wanna do Is spend my time with you outside If its all that we can do I guess I’ll pass my time with you inside
I’m getting so sick of the city I pretend that the highway noise Behind my house is just the sound Of the river and I space out Til the serenity is shattered By honking horns and sirens Rubber against asphalt screeching Then it all comes back to me It’s getting harder to get lost Way too easy to be found The only peace we’ll know Is when we’re 6 feet underground Took me a long time to realize This construction will never end They’re just gonna keep building Until it all collapses in Then they will rebuild it And they will take their time Waste our lives in traffic Rapidly losing our minds I just got to get out of this town
Are you lonely living out there on the coast? Brought nothing but your demons and your ghosts There’s a lighthouse near the pier It’s been out of use for years Used to shipwreck every lonely wandering soul And it took you I miss you for the wrong reasons


Out August 28th on AndVinyl Records


released August 28, 2023

Drums recorded by Nicholas Wilbur at The Unknown Anacortes
Drums on August recorded by Matt Jahn
Everything else recorded by Tyler Gibson at Let It Snow
Mixed/Mastered by Patrick Hills at Earthtone Recording Company
Produced by Tyler Gibson
Additional vocals by Ricky Schmidt, Jax Mendez, and Jeff Sifferman


all rights reserved



Loud Sleepers Seattle, Washington

Loud Sleepers is:
Blake West
Chris Elizaga
David Casey
Steven Smith
Tyler Gibson

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